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Tired truckers find relief in parking app

Willie Nelson couldn't wait to get back on the road again. But for truckers who just logged a long day behind the wheel, sometimes all they want is a parking spot. Increasingly a good parking spot is hard to find for truckers. When they can find one, they must either continue to drive while fatigued until they find one, or else park on an off ramp, along the side of a highway or even in a ditch, putting themselves and other drivers at risk and opening themselves up to fines. 

But a two-year-old app called Trucker Path may be providing hope of finding a space. Trucker Path is an app that helps truckers find parking, fuel stops and weigh stations. The app depends on truckers reporting on the availability of parking at various stops. The information is then available in real time to other truckers who can avoid filled-up parking lots and head for alternatives where more space is available. 

Trucker fatigue is a leading cause of serious injuries and deaths on the road. Any steps that can reduce fatigue and prevent unnecessary truck crashes is a welcome development. Still, the Trucker Path app hasn't created new parking spaces– it simply alerts truckers to the location of existing ones. 

And while Trucker Path may succeed in reducing fatigue-related trucking injuries and deaths, it can't prevent every accident. If you or a loved one has already been in an accident, obviously an app won't help you. But what will help is the counsel of an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you secure the compensation you need to recover. 

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