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An overview of danger zones around commercial trucks

Commercial trucks represent a small portion of overall traffic but an outsize portion of car accidents with fatalities. In 2014, 3,660 people were killed in an accident involving 18-wheeler tractor-trailers. The reason for these increased for a variety of reasons including the large size of trucks, their relative height which pulls passenger vehicles underneath the tires, and the high speeds on highways. But there are ways you can protect yourself and your family from these lumbering behemoths.

Around commercial trucks are areas called "no-zones." The no-zone are the locations around the truck that are abnormally dangerous and responsible for the majority of fatalities. This post will go over the four no-zones and how you can avoid them

The front no-zone is the area directly in front of the truck. It is dangerous because trucks need a much longer period to slow and come to a complete stop. You should give trucks a wide berth in the front (so no cutting in front of them). If you panic a driver, it could lead to an accident.

The side no-zone are the areas directly on either side of the truck. Semi-trucks sit high and therefore their mirrors are unable to capture movement directly next to the truck. Avoiding these areas on either side of the truck is important.

Similarly, the rear of the truck is another dangerous no-zone. Semi-trucks lack rear view mirrors because the tractor-trailer blocks rear-views. The only way the driver can see behind them is through their side mirrors. A good trick is if you cannot see the driver in his mirror, he cannot see you.

Finally, semi-trucks take very wide turns. It is critical that you allow them to finish their turn before making your own. Plenty of cars gets squished between the truck and the curb.

As you can see, accidents with commercial trucks are extremely dangerous and regularly fatal. It is safest if you avoid 18-wheelers as much as possible on the road. But, if couldn't and was injured, as a result, you should speak to a lawyer, you probably have a valid claim for compensation. Yes, speaking to an attorney is one of the furthest things from your mind but it is crucial that you secure means to pay for your medical bills. An attorney may be able help you get the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

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