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Pedestrian hit by car driven by Russell Brand files lawsuit

Russell Brand is known as many things to Pittsburgh area residents, including being an actor, comedian and former husband of pop singer Katy Perry. It appears now however that he can add another thing to that list-defendant in a civil...
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Nearly three dozen NASCAR spectators injured in crash

NASCAR fans throughout the nation, including the Meridian area, were likely excited to tune in to one of the sport's biggest races of the year which took place this past weekend. While the Daytona 500 was the main event of...
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Venue changed in lawsuit involving antique tractor pull

Individuals throughout the state of Pennsylvania have different hobbies and ways they like to pass the time. Some like to participate in sports. Others go to movies or plays. For one Pennsylvania man antique tractors fulfill that need. For this...
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Injuries due to dog bites can be devastating

Each day residents of Butler County are injured in a variety of accidents. While many of those injuries are due to car crashes, there are of course other ways in which people might be hurt. Sometimes it is the result...
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Man talking cellphone walks into train, loses foot

Accidents involving trains and either motor vehicles or pedestrians occur all too often throughout the nation. Because of the weight of trains, along with the speed at which these vehicles often travel, it is miraculous that the incidents do not...
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Comedic actor recovering from serious brain injury caused by fall

When one most commonly thinks about situations in which a head injury, such as a concussion, is incurred, it is often in the context of a car accident. As a couple recent stories of brain injuries involving high profile individuals illustrates...
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Incident with plow in Butler County sends man to hospital

When it snows this time of year, drivers throughout the Pittsburgh area rely upon PennDOT workers to clear the roadways so that vehicles can travel safely from one place to another, hopefully without being involved in a car accident. Unfortunately,...
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Pedestrian accident in Pittsburgh sends man to hospital

Pedestrians are everywhere virtually at all times of the day. Walking is such a normal part of everyday life for so many that few consider how dangerous it can actually be particularly when pedestrians interact with motor vehicles. Because of...
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Popular bounce houses lead to more injuries

When it comes to a Pittsburgh kids party, few things burn off as much energy in a small space as bounce houses. What could be more fun for a kid that jumping around in a little air filled house, laughing...
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Derailment of Port Authority vehicle sends 1 to hospital

Vehicles of all types, including cars, buses and trains, are relied upon by residents of the Pittsburgh area for transportation each day. While the existence and use of these vehicles undeniably makes the lives of those who use them easier,...
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Pennsylvania girl shot after being mistaken for skunk

A Pittsburgh area girl is recovering at an area hospital after a Halloween party this past weekend went horribly wrong. The 8-year-old was hurt after a partygoer, referred to as a relative, shot her with a shotgun. The man reportedly...
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Victim suffers broken foot in parking lot robbery

A man, who was recently charged with conspiracy, robbery, misdemeanor reckless endangerment and accidents involving death or personal injury, after he stole a laptop from another man, could face a civil lawsuit as well.The incident occurred in a Pittsburgh area...
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