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Pittsburgh area child injured in collision with vehicle

With the arrival of spring, after being cooped up all winter, many children in Western Pennsylvania cannot wait to get outside to play. Sadly, what was likely a fun bicycle ride with a sibling and a parent recently turned tragic when a little boy was hit by a vehicle as he rode his bicycle.

According to bystanders, following the accident the boy was found under the vehicle, a SUV. The late afternoon incident, which occurred in Point Breeze, left the 8-year-old with serious injuries that required hospitalization. While his condition was described as critical, it likely would have been worse had he not been wearing a helmet. Neither of the other cyclists he was with at the time of the crash were hurt in the incident.

Bicyclists are all too often struck by vehicles in the Pittsburgh area and beyond. There are many reasons for this including inattentive drivers or drivers who just don't see the individual riding the much smaller mode of transportation. This is particularly true when, as in this case, the person on the bike is a child. Just why this incident occurred is not clear. To help determine how it happened, accident reconstructionists were called in.

Because the boy is recovering from critical injuries it is possible that his parents will decide to file a personal injury lawsuit against the woman behind the wheel of the SUV. In a successful case, any damages recovered would likely be helpful in paying medical bills and any other accident related expenses.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, "Boy on bicycle struck by SUV in Point Breeze," Michael Hasch, April 22, 2013

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