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Western Pennsylvania ATV accident kills 1, injures child

Many individuals in Western Pennsylvania enjoy spending time outdoors while utilizing recreational vehicles. A popular recreational vehicle for these individuals is the all-terrain vehicle. ATVs allow individuals to traverse through terrain other vehicles would not be able to handle. While these vehicles provide enjoyment for many they can also be dangerous and result in serious injuries. This is illustrated by a fatal ATV accident that occurred this past weekend.

The incident occurred in Connellsville Township and involved a 20-year-old man and a 11-year-old child. According to authorities, the vehicle crashed resulting in injuries that sent both individuals to the hospital. Though the nature of the man's injuries is not known, they were clearly severe as he died at the hospital. Information on the injuries the child suffered was not provided.

As is the case in any motor vehicle accident, there are many factors that could have contributed to the crash occurring. In some cases such accidents are due to actions taken by the person driving the vehicle. These actions could be voluntary such as driving too fast, or involuntary, as is the case when someone suffers a medical episode of some sort. In other instances, equipment defects that cause the vehicle to operate incorrectly are to blame.

At this point authorities indicate that the incident is being investigated. Presumably the cause of the crash will be determined in the course of that investigation. Depending on those results it is possible that a civil personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit could be filed.

Source: WHPTV, "Man killed, child injured in ATV crash in Pa.," April 7, 2013

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