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Personal Injury

Billboard Music Awards attendee gets more than she paid for

Many music lovers in Butler County likely tuned in last month to the Billboard Music Awards to watch some of today's most popular singers and musicians perform and receive awards.  Some of the luckiest individuals even scored tickets to the...
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Stem cell treatment for spinal injuries provides mobility to some

There are many different types of injuries that could prompt someone to file a personal injury lawsuit in Pittsburgh. The more serious the injury, the more likely it is for this to occur. A type of injury that often prompts...
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Pennsylvania couple files lawsuit against department store

Personal injury lawsuits are not always the result of negligent actions taken by an individual or entity. Sometimes they are filed as a result of actions that are not taken. This is the case in a lawsuit that was filed...
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Woman injured at Pennsylvania Trader Joe’s files lawsuit

While there are a variety of places throughout the state of Pennsylvania from which to purchase groceries, Trader Joe's is a favorite of many. Beyond the usually healthy food selection, many enjoy shopping surrounded by the kitschy island decor. Unfortunately,...
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Increase in amusement ride injuries to kids seen in summer months

Amusement rides are a favorite of many Pittsburgh area residents, young and old alike. Found in a variety of settings, including travelling carnivals, malls and amusement parks, children in particular look forward to the opportunity to ride on the various...
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New option for Pittsburgh area residents with concussion

Concussions affect Pittsburgh area residents of all ages each and every day. The way in which the injury is suffered, varies but can occur under many different circumstances. Among other things these circumstances include car accidents, sports incidents and even...
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Injuries due to use of inflatable bouncers increasing

Over the course of the past few years, rentals of inflatable bounce houses and slides have increased. What was once a treat reserved for festivals is now commonplace in backyards for occasions such as kid birthday parties and block parties....
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Pittsburgh area child injured in collision with vehicle

With the arrival of spring, after being cooped up all winter, many children in Western Pennsylvania cannot wait to get outside to play. Sadly, what was likely a fun bicycle ride with a sibling and a parent recently turned tragic when...
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Pittsburgh area pedestrian believes ‘accident’ was on purpose

A Pittsburgh area woman, who was involved in a pedestrian accident late last month believes the incident was not an accident. The incident occurred at the Allegheny County Jail, the workplace of the individual behind the wheel of the car....
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Western Pennsylvania ATV accident kills 1, injures child

Many individuals in Western Pennsylvania enjoy spending time outdoors while utilizing recreational vehicles. A popular recreational vehicle for these individuals is the all-terrain vehicle. ATVs allow individuals to traverse through terrain other vehicles would not be able to handle. While...
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Falling object at Pennsylvania shoe store leads to lawsuit

Not all personal injury lawsuits are a result of an accident involving an automobile. A civil lawsuit of this type can be filed due to suffering injuries which occur in many different situations--even in a shoe store. A Pennsylvania woman...
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Woman injured in fall from cruise ship files lawsuit

Many individuals, including those from Pittsburgh, seek to break up the monotony of winter by escaping to a warm weather location. For some, that means a Caribbean Cruise. Unfortunately, incidents leading to personal injury lawsuits can occur anywhere, including on...
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