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Bar patrons injured when deck collapses into water

It is likely that despite the fact that the 76ers were not in the NBA finals, many individuals in throughout the state of Pennsylvania, including in the Pittsburgh area, tuned in to catch the games on television. Some may have gathered at the homes of friends while others likely headed out to a sports bar to catch the games on a big screen.

Earlier this month, individuals who did the latter at a bar located in Miami, got more than they bargained for when the deck built over the water where they were sitting, collapsed, sending many into the water. At the time of the collapse approximately 100 people were situated on the deck. All were pulled from the water by either fellow patrons or rescuers who arrived on the scene. Miraculously there were no fatalities.

A total of 24 bar patrons were transported to area hospitals for treatment. While many apparently suffered only minor injuries, two were said to have suffered injuries that left them in serious condition. Others suffered broken bones, bruises and cuts.

It is not clear what caused the deck to collapse. An investigation into the matter will likely determine whether there were too many people on the deck or if it was in need of repair. Depending on what the investigation uncovers it is possible that those who were injured in the incident will file a personal injury lawsuit against the sports bar. Such lawsuits could be successful if negligence on the part of the bar or any of its employees is found.

Source: Fox Sports, “Florida sports bar deck collapses,” June 14, 2013

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