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Many occupants of airplane suffered spinal injuries in crash

Earlier this week it was difficult for anyone in the nation, including residents of western Pennsylvania, to escape coverage of the plane crash that occurred at one of our nation’s airports. An airplane that was in the process of landing, crashed as it made its arrival. The incident left two teens dead. Though the other 305 occupants of the plane survived, many were seriously injured.

According to doctors who are attending to the injured passengers, many of the injuries experienced by victims of the plane crash are to the spine. Though the number of passengers facing the issue is unclear, several have reportedly undergone surgery to stabilize their spines. This procedure has made it possible for those individuals to once again move their bodies. At least two others however are unable to move their legs. It is not clear if the paraplegia is permanent or if the feeling will eventually return.

More specifically, the spinal injuries include damage to the ligaments that keep the neck and head steady as well as spinal cord compression due to crushed vertebrae. Experts indicate these injuries are similar to those that were commonly suffered in car crashes when lap belts, rather than shoulder straps, were standard seatbelts in motor vehicles.

It is likely that at least some of the 180 injured passengers who were transported to area hospitals for treatment will seek financial compensation via a personal injury lawsuit. There is no doubt that recovering damages for the injuries suffered would make things easier for those who are facing a long period of what is likely a painful recovery.

Source: Medical Daily, “Spine Injuries In Unusual Patterns Common Among San Francisco Plane Crash Survivors,” Matthew Mientka, July 9, 2013

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