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Brain Injury

Not all motorcycle helmets are equal

While it is possible for someone to be injured in an automobile accident, in many cases the design of the vehicle along with safety features continually being added, help to minimize the harm inflicted. Unfortunately this is not the case...
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Even TBI characterized as mild can cause brain damage

Most people are probably aware of the potential long term damage associated with a traumatic brain injury. In addition to headaches someone who suffers from a TBI could deal with memory loss, depression and personality changes as well. These symptoms...
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Traumatic brain injury difficult to detect and assess

When someone suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the insurance company will attempt to settle the claim as quickly as possible because it knows by doing so it can limit financial exposure and curtail liability. A TBI is one of...
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Person’s genes may determine severity of brain injury

There is no question that brain injuries can change lives. Residents of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who are inflicted with them, could suffer symptoms such as headaches, cognitive issues and personality changes for years to come. Those who live with individuals recovering...
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Study suggests TBI impacts emotional well being of teens

Brain injuries are a tricky injury to recover from. The long-term effects will vary from person to person depending on a variety of factors including the severity of the brain injury. A recent study indicates that the age of the...
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Severity and type of brain injury symptoms vary

In observance of March being Brain Injury Awareness Month, it is a good opportunity to touch on issues related to what can be a debilitating injury. Depending on the severity of the brain injury, the person dealing with the injury...
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Research focuses on preventing epilepsy tied to brain injury

The term brain injury is something no one wants to hear. While some individuals who suffer brain injuries recover seemingly no worse for wear, others are not so lucky. Though the affected individual's appearance may look normal, things may be...
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41-year-old study links traumatic brain injuries to premature death

A 41-year-old study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows that people who have suffered from a serious brain injury or trauma to the head are more likely to die prematurely, before the age of 56.Researchers...
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NFL concussion settlement takes step toward finalization

As the National Football League post season continues toward the Super Bowl, the lawsuit involving the league and its treatment of player concussions throughout the decades is in the news again. This week, the settlement agreement reached between the league...
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Pittsburgh man sues NCAA over ALS diagnosis

A Pittsburgh man has made national headlines now that he is suing the NCAA for not warning him of the lasting effects he would develop from being repeatedly concussed while he was a football player for California University of Pennsylvania...
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Routine procedure results in 13-year-old’s vegetative state

No medical procedure is without risks and even the most so-called routine procedures can result in a patient suffering harm and painful injuries. An extreme and heart wrenching example of how even seemingly routine procedures can go wrong, involves the...
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Apparent concussion hastens former pilot’s Alzheimer’s decline

Decades ago, cancer was often euphemistically referred to as the "Big C." People tended to step delicately around the topic because a diagnosis of cancer often represented a death sentence for the person who received it.Science has made amazing progress...
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