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Settlement reached in case where pedestrian suffered brain damage

Following a fatal motor vehicle accident it is possible that the family of an individual who dies will decide to file a lawsuit against the individual or entities responsible for the death. While a wrongful death lawsuit cannot undo the harm that was done that led to the death, it may provide a sense of closure to those left behind as well as financial damages that could help day-to-day living a bit easier to handle.

Sometimes these cases go to trial where they are decided either by a judge or a jury. Other times however, the case will settle before it gets that far along in the process. This is the case in Pennsylvania wrongful death lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed after a pickup struck and killed a 60-year-old woman as she made her way across a street. In the course of the crash the suffered brain damage that was irreversible. Though she held on for several days, eventually she died.

Her family alleged that the fatal accident occurred as a result of a recent change to the street that made it a one-way street, as well as reckless driving on the part of the individual who was behind the wheel of the pickup. A misplacement of crosswalks was also cited as a factor. In addition to the driver of the pickup, several other entities were named as defendants including the engineering firm that designed the new configuration of the road, a construction company, the borough in which the accident occurred and PennDOT.

The settlement agreement reached will provide the woman's family with $2,050,000. While clearly not a substitute for the companionship of the woman the settlement is likely a relief for her family.

Source: Wayne Independent, "$2 mill settlement reached in fatal crash," Kevin Kearney, Aug. 29, 2014

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