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Study suggests TBI impacts emotional well being of teens

Brain injuries are a tricky injury to recover from. The long-term effects will vary from person to person depending on a variety of factors including the severity of the brain injury. A recent study indicates that the age of the person who suffers the injury could also be a factor.

The study focused on kids between the ages of 11 and 20 and the responses they provided in a health survey. The questionnaire included 12 queries seeking information regarding social dysfunction, anxiety and depressive symptoms. As a part of the study information regarding traumatic brain injuries suffered was also sought. A total of 4,685 young people participated in the study.

Because more than 500,000 teenagers suffer serious concussions each year the results of the study are noteworthy. It determined that those individuals have a greater chance of dealing with the following:

  • Engaging in activities considered to be poor conduct.
  • Being bullied.
  • Experiencing elevated stress levels.
  • Attempting or considering suicide.

This study may mean that health care providers will monitor teens who have suffered a traumatic brain injury to make sure their mental health is okay.

There are of course many situations that could lead to a brain injury in someone of any age. While many young people suffer them as a result of participation in athletics, other times the actions of other individuals are to blame. In these situations it is possible that the person who is injured might take legal action against the negligent party. A recovery of this nature could go a long way toward covering medical expenses necessary to treat the condition.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Traumatic Brain Injury Linked With Emotional Issues In Teens,” Liza Baskin, April 17, 2014

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