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Even TBI characterized as mild can cause brain damage

Most people are probably aware of the potential long term damage associated with a traumatic brain injury. In addition to headaches someone who suffers from a TBI could deal with memory loss, depression and personality changes as well. These symptoms can dramatically change the life of the person suffering from the TBI as well as his or her loved ones. As it turns out, even brain injuries characterized as moderate or mild can result in lasting brain damage. This was the finding in a study recently published in Neurology. 

The study included a total of 86 individuals, some of whom were healthy. Others suffered from mild and moderate TBI. All had education levels that were similar and were approximately the same age. All underwent diffusion tensor imaging and were administered the Glasgow Coma Scale which measures cognition. The DTI scans of those who suffered brain injuries revealed that the white matter of the brain had been damaged. Also, those with brain injuries scored 25 percent lower on the GCS test. A year later most scored better on the GCS test.

Brain injuries of all degrees can be expensive to treat and may be suffered a variety of ways. When negligence on the part of another person is to blame for the brain injury, some seek compensation via a personal injury lawsuit. For the best results in these types of lawsuits most find it beneficial to work with a lawyer who has handled such cases in the past. In most cases the sooner such an action is taken, the better.

Source: FOX News, “Mild traumatic brain injury may cause cognitive problems, lasting brain damage,” Nicole Kwan, July 16, 2014

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