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Cal U Football Players Assault Man: Cause Traumatic Brain Injury

After causing traumatic brain injury, five players of the California University of Pennsylvania football team are currently held at the Washington County Correctional Facility on bonds of $500,000.These student-athletes are facing several charges including aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, harassment and conspiracy after beating a man until he was reportedly seizing on the ground. This incident left the victim with traumatic brain injuries

California University of Pennsylvania is a public university just outside of Washington, Pennsylvania. The five players were arrested during their practice, Thursday October 30th. And are currently suspended from the school.

The altercation began when one of the five players got into an argument with the victim's girlfriend outside of an off campus bar. The victim of the assault then proceeded to step in and defend his girlfriend and was subsequently attacked by the players. According to the complaints the victim was "struck, shoved [and], kicked" until he lost consciousness. The victim was flown to Allegheny General Hospital by helicopter to receive urgent medical attention.

After the assault the five student-athletes proceeded to chant the phrase "football strong". Because of this terrible incident the California University of Pennsylvania football team decided to cancel and forfeit its home football game Saturday with Gannon University. This loss could eliminate Cal U from making the NCAA Playoffs (Division II).

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Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Cal U. Forfeits Game after Five Football Players Arrested in Off-campus Assault." Oct. 31 2014

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