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Medical Malpractice

Doctor and hospital sued for death of student athlete

Months after a 16-year-old male high school student broke two vertebrae and was paralyzed in an accident during a school wrestling practice, he was hospitalized because of problems with his catheter. He had previously been able to return to school...
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Hospital accused of sending dying or dead patient home via taxi

A lawsuit claims that a male patient admitted to a hospital suffering from repeated respiratory problems and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma was discharged, placed in a cab by hospital security and sent home. His mother asserts that he was dying or perhaps...
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Legionnaires’ victim’s family suing federal government

The family of a WWII veteran who died due to an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease at the Pittsburgh's VA Healthcare facility has sued the federal government. The victim was an 83-year-old man from North Versailles who was one of at...
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Hidden cameras in nursing homes: The legal debate rages

There was a time, not too long ago, when the technology related to hidden cameras was such that it using one wouldn't even enter your mind. Such cameras were expensive. They had to be wired up to work. The only...
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Ohio hospital staff negligence led to needed kidney being tossed

When a person is faced with a serious medical issue, the individual often puts their faith and trust into the medical team that could be working on their case. However, hospital staff negligence is an unfortunate reality that can result...
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Widower awarded $15.5 million in OBGYN negligence case

Giving birth is much safer than it used to be, but most Ohio mothers-to-be are aware that some complications may still come up during labor and delivery. In the age of modern medicine, most people do not expect women to...
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Jury agrees boy’s jaundice-related injuries preventable

About 50 percent of babies born in the U.S. develop a condition known as jaundice. If left untreated, jaundice can result in an infant suffering brain damage and even death. Because jaundice is so common and potentially deadly, doctors are...
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Man who suffered paralysis injury sues hospital citing negligence

When a medical emergency presents, timing is critical. In many cases, an individual's short and long-term prognosis depends on how quickly their condition is diagnosed and treated. In some cases, doctors fail to recognize signs that a patient is suffering...
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Doctor’s failure to obtain consent results in lawsuit

When a physical injury or medical condition is painful and interferes with an individual's ability to perform everyday tasks, a doctor typically recommends that a patient undergo some sort of medical procedure or surgery. Prior to any medical procedure, the...
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Failure to diagnose leaves Ohio woman partially paralyzed

Most people don't like going to the doctor and only do so when absolutely necessary. When a person exhibits odd symptoms or is experiencing pain or discomfort they often seek professional medical advice. Patients rely upon the skills and expertise...
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Patients deserve more transparency when it comes to choosing a doctor

Doctors are likely the most respected and trusted of all medical professionals. When a doctor enters the room, patients listen and regard what he or she says as being key to their health and wellbeing. However, aside from the fact...
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Couple sues hospital over medical test mix-up

From the moment a couple learns they are expecting a child, preparations begin. Sadly, some couples are forced to put their plans of becoming parents on hold as complications result in the loss of a baby during the early weeks...
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