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E.R. doctors held to new, more lenient standards of negligence

If all goes according to Pennsylvania Representative Bryan Cutler's plan, emergency room errors made by physicians will be held to a different standard of neglect comparable to other types of doctors. Cutler, a Republican from Lancaster County, has introduced House Bill 804. The bill would raise the standard of evidence that is required in medical malpractice cases that take place under emergency room conditions.

In addition, Bill 804 would modify the standard from simple negligence to gross negligence. It would also require that mistakes and inadvertences that take place when a patient is under the care of an emergency room physician to be clearly and convincingly proven.  

According to the Pennsylvania Medical Society President and West Penn Hospital E.R. doctor in a recent press conference, to use the same definition "medical malpractice" for both emergency room physicians and other types of doctors simply isn't fair. His argument is that emergency medical providers do not share the same advantages as other doctors who are able to prepare for their patients. He says that E.R. doctors must make "immediate lifesaving decisions" and have no idea what is going to be wrong with patients until they see them.

Because this bill is sure to go into effect soon enough, it is essential that if you are injured due to the negligence of an emergency room physician, you contact an experienced medical malpractice as soon as possible. As the regulations and rules for med mal cases continue to be prodded and amendments to past bills are reworked, your case can be thrown by the wayside without proper representation from an advocate you can trust. If you have been injured from medical malpractice and are scared about what your future hold, then please contact the attorneys at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. and speak to someone about your claim. All situations are different and you need someone on your side who will tirelessly work on behalf of you and your family. Call 800-777-4081 today for a free preliminary consultation. 

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