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Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice in Ebola Outbreak Connected to Eastern Ohio

Medical Malpractice has led to two hospital workers of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas contracting the Ebola virus. "Sloppy" Ebola protocol has led to over 40 healthcare workers potentially being exposed to the virus. The hospital staff did...
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Medical malpractice a serious factor in Ebola outbreak

A Texas hospital made a grave medical malpractice mistake when it sent a man from Liberia home with Ebola-like symptoms in the middle of the global Ebola outbreak scare. According to sources, hospital staff new the man was from Ebola-ravaged...
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Medical Malpractice stats coming back to CMS website

Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorneysWhen you're a victim of medical malpractice, you and your family can feel absolutely helpless. Mistakes in the medical world are borderline unforgiveable, but they do happen. Sometimes the wrong medication is administered, causing ill effects; and...
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Power morcellators cause uterine cancer to spread

Victims of medical malpractice and defective surgical devices can suffer for a lifetime. Families of those who have passed due to the negligence of a surgeon or medical device manufacturer are left dumbfounded and shocked at their loss, assuming the...
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E.R. doctors held to new, more lenient standards of negligence

If all goes according to Pennsylvania Representative Bryan Cutler's plan, emergency room errors made by physicians will be held to a different standard of neglect comparable to other types of doctors. Cutler, a Republican from Lancaster County, has introduced House...
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At least one in twenty ER visitors leave with wrong diagnosis

A new study shows that at least one in every twenty adults who is treated at an emergency room in a U.S. hospital is given the wrong diagnosis. That means that as many as twelve million Americans are being wrongly...
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Ohio man sentenced for sexually abusing nursing home patient

When someone you love is the victim of nursing negligence or nursing home neglect, you can feel helpless and even guilty. We expect the people we place in a nursing home to be taken care of just as well as...
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Greene County nursing home resident dies from asphyxiation

A Greene County woman and resident of the Golden Living Center nursing home in Waynesburg died Saturday evening.The 94-year-old woman is said to have died after sliding out of her bed at around 6:30 a.m. on February 22, according to...
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Doctor negligence in prescribing pain pills leads to deaths

When a doctor takes the Hippocratic Oath, he or she is pledging to help people. Unfortunately, some doctors don't take that oath to heart. In some cases, doctors ends up using their power to prescribe medications to give people many...
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Ohio doctor facing over 160 lawsuits flees country

A spinal surgeon from Mason, Ohio, currently on trial on federal criminal charges and facing over 160 civil lawsuits for damages from from patients apparently fled the country. He had previously been denied permission to go visit Pakistan, where he...
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Doctor and hospital sued for death of student athlete

Months after a 16-year-old male high school student broke two vertebrae and was paralyzed in an accident during a school wrestling practice, he was hospitalized because of problems with his catheter. He had previously been able to return to school...
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Hospital accused of sending dying or dead patient home via taxi

A lawsuit claims that a male patient admitted to a hospital suffering from repeated respiratory problems and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma was discharged, placed in a cab by hospital security and sent home. His mother asserts that he was dying or perhaps...
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