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A closer look at construction worker injuries, accidents, P.2

In today’s post we continue taking a look at the different types of construction worker accidents and the injuries related to them. It’s important to understand what types of accidents may happen on the construction worksite and the legal options thereafter, especially if you are a worker who has recently been injured or the family of a worker who has been injured or killed while on the job.

Here are a few other types of accidents that may happen:

–Collapse-related accidents: Workers may be seriously injured or killed if a building or trench collapses. They could also be injured if a building demolition is not properly executed.

–Lead concerns: Very serious illnesses can result from exposure to high lead levels. This can happen if a construction company does not follow safety procedures or cuts corners during their projects.

Beyond these types of incidents, construction workers can be exposed to various types of injuries. They may end up suffering from muscle or joint issues because of overuse, as well as repetitive motion injuries. Construction workers who do their job outside can suffer from hypothermia or heat stroke which can lead to severe injury to organs or body parts.

Finally, there are numerous respiratory diseases that have affected construction workers over the years. Some of these include Coal Worker’s Black Lung, Silicosis and Asbestosis.

If you have been injured while working on a construction site, the physical, emotional and financial ramifications can be devastating. It’s important to coverage you have under your employer’s workers’ compensation and what other legal options you may have beyond that coverage.

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