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Construction sites are responsible for most head injuries

Construction sites are one of the most regulated industries in the country, and yet it is still responsible for a significant portion of severe workplace injuries, fatalities, and it is even responsible for the most brain injuries. Despite the presence of hard hats, construction sites continue to suffer from high rates of traumatic brain injuries and other issues. This post will go over the prevalence of brain injuries and how you may protect yourself.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when the brain suffers a severe blow or penetration. It is typified by the extreme nature of the injury and the long-lasting effects of the symptoms. Many construction site TBIs occur even when the worker is wearing a hard hat. Many injuries result because the worker was struck by a heavy falling object.

According to a study by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), construction suffers the highest fatal injury rate, and construction workers suffer the most TBIs. Some industries, like lumber, suffer higher overall rates but because construction employs so many people, the total number of injured workers far outstrips any other industry. Another common source of TBIs is falling. OSHA estimates that 25,000 serious injuries and 36 deaths are caused by falls annually.

If you were injured in a construction site accident, then you may want to contact a Pittsburgh construction accident attorney. Brain injuries are dangerous because you may not know the full extent of your injury for months or even years. It is thus critical that you handle this claim carefully. Workers’ compensation payments are, usually, only good for one year, however, the payments you receive in that year will be critical during your initial recovery. An attorney can go over your injury and help you determine the best way to receive fair compensation to cover your medical bills. Contact

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