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Most Common Premises Liability Claims

Entering someone else’s property, whether it is a private home or business, can be dangerous. If the owner of the property is negligent, or careless, in the maintenance or control of the premises, you could suffer a serious injury from a property hazard. Our experienced Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers have handled various types of premises liability accidents, some of which occur more frequently than others. You may be eligible for compensation through a premises liability claim after any of these incidents. 

Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of injuries and emergency room visits in Pennsylvania and across the country. The National Floor Safety Institute reports that an average of eight million emergency department visits are due to falls each year. Harmful falls can occur because of:

  • Slippery or wet floors
  • Damaged walking services
  • Uneven curbs
  • A lack of warning signage
  • Exposed cords
  • Loose floor mats
  • Cluttered walkways 
  • Inadequate lighting

Common injuries suffered in slip and fall accidents are broken bones, hip fractures, muscle strains and sprains, and traumatic brain injuries. If the owner of the property should have prevented or remedied the fall hazard prior to the accident, he or she can be held liable. Getting help from an experienced slip and fall attorney in Pittsburgh can help you recover compensation for your injuries. 

Poor Property Maintenance

Property owners in Pennsylvania have a legal responsibility to properly maintain their land and buildings. This means they must keep them reasonably free from defects and injury hazards. Poor property maintenance can increase the risk of many different accidents, including: 

  • Appliance malfunctions
  • Construction accidents
  • Elevator accidents
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Falling objects
  • Fires
  • Staircase accidents
  • Structural collapses

Inadequate property maintenance can lead to an accident at home, a business, a public park, a sidewalk, a parking lot, work, a playground, school, a daycare facility or a nursing home. Maintenance logs and cleaning records may be available to establish that the property owner is at fault in these cases.

Dog Bite Injuries

In Pennsylvania, a dog owner is held strictly liable for any dog bite injuries or damage caused by his or her dog. This means liable regardless of the question of negligence. You have the right to hold a pet owner responsible for your dog bite injury whether or not the attack occurred on his or her property. Unless you were trespassing or provoked the dog, you will most likely be eligible for compensation.

Swimming Pool Accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is the number one cause of death for children ages 1 to 4. It is the second leading cause of death at ages 5 to 14, behind motor vehicle accidents. With an estimated 4,000 drowning deaths per year – an average of 11 per day – our Pittsburgh swimming pool accident attorneys know the importance of swimming pool safety practices.

A property owner has a responsibility to keep swimming pools, hot tubs and spas safe. This includes keeping them closed off from children who might enter the property. To meet this duty of care, a pool owner may need to install a fence, barrier, alarm or pool cover. In addition, swimming pools should be properly maintained to avoid dangerous problems such as missing drain covers. Warning signs should also be posted as necessary, such as “No Diving.”

Injuries Caused By Negligent Security

If a lack of proper security on a premises contributed to a crime or attack, such as violent crimes, assaults or robberies, the property owner can be held accountable. If a reasonable and prudent owner would have implemented better security measures based on the foreseeability of crime on the premises, such as surveillance cameras, lights, gates or guards, the injured victim will have the right to file a premises liability claim against the negligent landowner.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a premises liability accident of any kind in Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh premises liability attorneys at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. can help. Contact us today.

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