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Families awarded $27 million in McDonald’s suit

In just about every city there are always certain areas that everyone tries to stay away from because of violence, shootings, etc. Sometimes in these areas, the police are called multiple times, but never do anything that can provide a permanent solution. This failure to secure safety in an area can lead to many terrible outcomes, many times.

The McDonald's in College Station, Texas is a prime example of failure to secure safety. An 18-year-old was killed when a group beat him to death back in February 2012. His 19-year-old girlfriend was also at the restaurant and after the incident tried to rush him to the nearest hospital. On the way to the hospital, the person driving the vehicle ran a red light resulting in an accident and the death of the 19-year-old girl.

This is not the first time this McDonald's location has seen violence like this. The police have been called there more than 200 times in a span of three years for large, unruly crowds and fights during the late-night hours. It is even considered to be taking money away from the company, yet they have done nothing to try and prevent all of this violence from happening. Due to the failure to secure the safety of the restaurant's patrons, it has cost money, injuries, and most importantly, lives.

A Bryan, Texas state court jury awarded the boy's family $16 million and the girl's $11 million for the lack of security at that McDonald's location. A spokeswoman for the Oak Brook, Illinois company said that McDonald's respectfully disagrees with the verdict and that they will appeal the decision. This is the second legal issue in just two days that has been brought to light for the company.

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