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Crane operator hurt in fall

In previous posts we have written about the dangers of falling for those who work in the field of construction. Earlier this month a construction worker in another state was hurt in one of these incidents. The man, a crane operator, was 200 feet above ground when the incident occurred as he made his way down from the crane at the end of his shift.

According to a fire captain who was called to the scene, the fall caused the man to lose consciousness. When he came to, he indicated his back and neck hurt.

Interestingly, the crane itself played a role in the man's rescue. It was used to lower him down after he was placed in a stokes basket. By the time he made it to the ground and was transferred to the ambulance to be taken to an area hospital, the man was described as conscious and alert. While this incident occurred in another state, it is possible that something similar could happen at any construction site in the Pittsburgh area where a crane is being used.

The reason behind the man's fall is currently unclear. When it comes to crane accidents there can be many different reasons that they occur including:

  • Not having a recent inspection
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Collapse
  • Tip over

Though the seriousness of the man's injuries is not known, it appears that the situation could have been much worse. This is because the serious injuries those involved can incur, could lead to death. If his injuries are severe he may be out of work for a prolonged period of time, and possibly even permanently. In these situations the injured worker may seek workers' compensation benefits to help cover the related expenses.

Source: KTRK, "Firefighters Make Daring Rescue From 200 Feet In Air Near Galleria," July 25, 2014

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