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Construction workers injured in scaffolding collapse

In previous posts we have written about the danger falls pose to workers in various occupations. Those who work in the field of construction are some of the workers who fall into this category. Recently two construction workers were injured while working in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

The incident occurred in the early afternoon while the men worked on a hotel. They were injured when the scaffolding being used on the project collapsed. Following the incident the workers were both taken to an area hospital for treatment. Though their injuries were believed to include bruises and broken bones, their lives did not appear to be in danger.

During the time in which they are recovering it is possible that they could seek workers’ compensation benefits.The benefits must be sought by filing a claim, not via a lawsuit. If they are initially denied, that decision may be appealed. In many cases it is beneficial to work with a lawyer who handles workers’ compensation cases.

The incident could have been much worse. When it fell, the scaffolding struck two vehicles containing individuals who were not working at the construction site. Miraculously, neither of those drivers was hurt in the incident.

Workplace safety is something that needs to be taken seriously by both workers and their employers. It is unclear what caused the scaffolding to fall. An investigation into the matter has been commenced. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Pittsburgh’s Bureau of Building Inspection are involved in that investigation.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Scaffold collapses in East Liberty, injures two workers,” Matt Nussbaum and Liz Navratil, Jun e 18, 2014

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