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Class action: insurance bad faith claims with Public Storage

Insurance fraud is when someone knowingly lies to receive some sort of benefit to which they are not entitled, or denies a benefit to whom a benefit is entitled. Recently, Public Storage and their third party insurance providers, particularly Willis Insurance, New Hampshire Insurance, and Perfect Solution Storage Insurance, have undergone public scrutiny as a result of their alleged bad faith practices and now have a class action suit pending against them.

There have been claims that people using Public Storage have had items stolen out of their lockers and when they have tried to file a claim through one of the insurance companies, the claim is denied. Public Storage customers are also saying that they were told they had to purchase the insurance in order to store their items with Public Storage and that it was not a choice.

One customer claimed that half of her belongings, around $12,000 worth, had been stolen. When she filed the claim, a Willis Insurance representative who spoke to Public Storage, asked that she show proof of forced entry. The claimant sent the insurance company the lock that she had used, but was told by the insurance company that her lock was simply defective. Her claim was denied.

About a month later, police had found people who were stealing from different Public Storage facilities, but Willis insisted not enough proof was there to settle claims. Another customer, insured through New Hampshire Insurance, filed a police report stating that he had property stolen from Public Storage, but that he has also yet to receive any type of reimbursement. Likewise, another man who sent in photographs and serial numbers of his stolen items was also denied reimbursement of any kind.

A previous Public Storage trainer and manager who wished to remain anonymous says that in the four years she worked for the company, not one claim had been paid out. If you feel you may be a victim or have questions about Public Storage and its third party insurance companies' fraudulent practices, contact the bad faith insurance attorneys at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. at 800-777-4081.

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