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Auto accident claims life of former Pittsburgh firefighter

As the number of adults and children using bikes increases with the temperature, so too does the risk for car-bicycle accidents. This is precisely why drivers in western Pennsylvania may need to be made aware of traffic rules regarding bicycles on the road with the advent of every summer.

A recent fatal accident in Pittsburgh involving a biker and motorist has community members and investigators asking questions. According to reports, a man, who served as a firefighter for 25 years, was killed on his bicycle when a car struck him. Investigators aren't exactly certain what caused the fatal car collision, but they note the man wasn't biking in the right direction.

In addition to the biker traveling on the wrong side of the road, there is also some indication that there may have been two separate incidents within minutes of each other. Police point to a voicemail left about seven minutes before the fatal accident that suggests the man was almost run off the road by a different driver.

The only reason the man was on his bike that day was because his car was being repaired and had to find an alternative way to get to work.

Whenever a bicyclist is on the road, drivers must allow enough space to prevent a collision. At the same time, bikers are also subject to certain traffic regulations. Even if the biker was partially responsible for the accident, his family may still be able to pursue a wrongful death claim, depending on the details of the crash. As such, it may be beneficial for the man's loved ones to determine their legal rights and responsibilities.

Source: Post-Gazette, "Hays bicycle crash victim was former Pittsburgh firefighter," Jonathan D. Silver, July 13, 2013

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