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Defective car lights signal concerns among safety officials

Before consumer products hit the market, there are a number of steps manufacturers should make to ensure performance. Not only can product testing ensure that a product functions as it's supposed to, but it can also protect the safety of those who use the product. Unfortunately, certain flaws can go unnoticed, which can create major safety concerns.

Motorists in Pennsylvania may be interested to hear that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently announced that it launched a safety investigation into some cars made by Mercedes. Specifically, the safety agency is responding to reports that rear turn signals and brake lights malfunction in a dangerous fashion.

According to reports, some owners of the Mercedes C-Class model noticed that electrical component related to the rear lights had melted. In fact, some of them saw flames erupting from the failed auto components as they malfunctioned. This obviously opens up the possibility of a car fire, which can have devastating consequences.

Beyond the obvious risk associated with an electrical fire, defective turn or brake signals could cause issues in traffic. If a driver can't appropriately convey his or her attentions, they could cause a car accident.

At this point, a recall hasn't been issued. However, the results of the safety evaluation will help determine if a product recall is needed. Additionally, the investigation could prove valuable to those who are injured as a result of the faulty electrical components.

As the investigation continues, Mercedes owners in Butler may want to take precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Source: ValueWalk, "Mercedes Car Light Defect Causes Dangerous Conditions," Anna Peel, July 15, 2013

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