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Study connects pregnancy complications to cerebral palsy

When preparing for a new child, Pennsylvania parents often do everything they can to ensure that their child will come into the world happy and healthy. One thing pregnant mothers typically do is visit with an OB/GYN doctor to ensure that everything is going according to plan. In the case that doctors notice that there is a complication, they may be able to take steps to ensure the health of both the mother and child.

Unfortunately, however, doctors don't always exercise the right judgment. If a prenatal condition goes undiagnosed and untreated, then a birth injury could result. A recently released medical study found a link between two serious pregnancy-related conditions, which may be of interest to expecting mothers in Erie.

According to the study, "premature and small babies born to mothers who had preeclampsia during pregnancy are at increased risk for cerebral palsy." Preeclampsia is characterized by high blood pressure and high levels of protein in a pregnant woman's urine. Doctors can test for these factors and provide necessary care. In addition, this study suggests they may also want to look out for additional risk factors associated with birth injuries and cerebral palsy.

Pregnancy complications of any sort can cause concern among parents, which is why they should be able to trust that their doctors are providing the best possible care. If a birth injury is the result of a doctor's negligence, then it may be possible to pursue a medical malpractice suit to recover unnecessary financial and emotional damages.

Source: HealthDay News, "Pregnancy Problem, Smaller Babies Tied to Cerebral Palsy Risk in Study," July 13, 2013

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