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Shift interlock issue leads to recall of some Honda vehicles

Last week we wrote a post on recalls several automobile makers issued, that could impact drivers in the Pittsburgh area, involving airbags. One of those automakers was Honda. That carmaker is not having a good month as it recently announced a second recall, this one concerning problems with the shift interlock. The failed auto component was reportedly discovered while the car maker was conducting an investigation of some sort.

The shift interlock could apparently experience problems when the vehicle is in temperatures that are sub-freezing. Usually, to shift a vehicle out of park, it is necessary to first depress the brake pedal. This requirement is in place for safety purposes, to keep the car from accidently rolling away. In cold temperatures however, it may be possible for the vehicle to shift out of park without first applying the brake.

The root of the problem appears to be an issue with the way in which that particular component was manufactured. What specifically was manufactured incorrectly is not known.

Over 204,000 vehicles are believed to be involved in the recall. Of that number, a majority, 128,000, are Honda CR-Vs. Honda Odysseys and Acura RDXs are also a part of it. Because a vehicle that contains this defective auto component could malfunction, leading to an injury producing automobile crash, it is important that owners of the vehicles in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation take the steps necessary to fix the problem. Honda indicates that as of yet, no problems with the shift interlock have been reported.

Source: The Car Connection, "Honda Recalls 204,000 SUVs, Minivans In U.S. For Shift Interlock Problem," Suzanne Kane, April 22, 2013

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