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Tips to avoid being involved in a rollover accident

Each year, thousands of Americans are involved in car accidents that result from simply driving too fast. In many cases, drivers fail to realize they are driving too fast for road conditions. In many cases, by the time a driver realizes they are traveling too fast and attempts to correct a driving error, it's too late. Rollover car accidents are among some of the most devestating of all car accidents and typically result in those drivers and passengers involved sustaining serious or even fatal injuries. 

The majority of rollover accidents occur when drivers are speeding. Excessive speed coupled with less-than-ideal road conditions are often a recipe for disaster and result in a driver loosing control of a car, truck or SUV.  

A driver's actions to correct a driving error is often critical in determining whether or not a rollover accident will occur. In many cases, drivers are able to prevent a car or SUV from rolling over by reducing their speed. It's important, however, that drivers avoid slamming on their brakes as doing so actually increases the likelihood that a vehicle will rollover and be involved in a more serious accident.

In some cases, drivers are not able to correct driving errors and rollover accidents are unavoidable. The majority of fatalities related to rollover accidents occur when drivers and passengers fail to wear seat belts. When a vehicle begins to roll, unrestrained occupants are often tossed about and even ejected through open or broken windows and windshields.

In order to reduce the likelihood of being involved or seriously injured in a rollover accident, Ohio drivers are encouraged to slow down and avoid distractions while driving. Additionally, drivers and passengers are reminded to always wear seat belts and ensure children are properly restrained.

Source: Pratt Tribune, "Speed, control are factors in rollover accidents," Gale Rose, May 28, 2013

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