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Motorcycle Accidents

Erie County ABATE readies for motorcycle season

As motorcyclists from all over western Pennsylvania begin to detail their bikes and prepare for cruising our beautiful open roads this spring and summer, the Erie Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE) wants, more than anything, to make their...
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Motorcycle hit, biker injured in Erie

Many motorcycle accidents involve a driver of another motor vehicle who fails to properly yield the right of way to the biker. Accidents like this usually happen at an entrance to a parking lot or a busy intersection where drivers...
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Outrage at dismissal of charges in fatal motorcycle accident

Public outrage bubbled over into a street march by 50 people to protest the dismissal of felony aggravated vehicular homicide charges against a motorist who struck a motorcycle rider. The motorcyclist was idling in stopped traffic when the accident occurred,...
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Motorcycle & SUV collision leaves 5 dead in Franklin County

A devastating accident between two motorcycles and an SUV ended in terrible tragedy this past weekend. Five people were killed, four of them on the motorcycles, when a collision took place in Franklin County, PA near the Pennsylvania/Maryland border. The...
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Motorcyclist killed in collision in Monroeville

When someone is deemed to be responsible for causing a serious motor vehicle accident that person may face criminal charges. This is the case for a Western Pennsylvania man whose actions allegedly resulted in the death of man riding a...
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Motorcyclist dies in accident outside of hospital

Despite being injured in front of a Pittsburgh hospital, a man who riding his motorcycle when it was involved in a crash with another vehicle, succumbed to the injuries he suffered in the collision and died. The other vehicle involved...
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Crash in Lawrenceville sends motorcyclist to hospital

Motorcycles undoubtedly play an important role in transporting Pittsburgh area residents from one place to another. While they are a favorite mode of transportation for many, those who opt for the mode of transport should be aware of the dangers...
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Criminal charges against driver who was texting before accident

By now it is fair to say that most drivers in Western Pennsylvania are aware that texting while driving is a risky action. Nonetheless, individuals behind the wheel are regularly unable to avoid the practice. In the worst cases the...
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As more motorcyclists take to the roads, fatal accidents rise

There is no doubt about it. Motorcycles are a preferred mode of transportation for many individuals throughout the nation including the Pittsburgh area. As is the case with other motor vehicles, it is possible that they can be involved in...
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Motorcycle accident in Western Pennsylvania sends man to hospital

While throughout the nation spring is having a hard time determining whether it really wants to arrive, individuals throughout Western Pennsylvania are seizing any opportunity they can to get out with their motorcycles. While this undoubtedly brings joy to many...
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Safety tips for Ohio motorcyclists

As Ohio residents finally enjoy some warmer temperatures, many are eager to engage in spring and summer activities. For motorcycle enthusiasts, warmer temperatures provide the opportunity to dust off their bikes and head out on the open road. When a...
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Should Ohio pass a mandatory helmet law for motorcyclists?

Many motorcycle enthusiasts contend there is nothing more thrilling than hitting the open road on their bike. Every spring as the ground begins to thaw; thousands of motorcyclists around Ohio take advantage of the mild temperatures and enjoy riding their...
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