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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclist killed in Pittsburgh area collision

This time of year most would expect to hear about an accident involving a snow plow before a motorcycle. While not nearly as common in the middle of February, crashes involving the two wheeled vehicle do occur in the Pittsburgh...
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Age factor in type and severity of injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents

Many Ohio residents over the age of 60 look forward to enjoying hobbies during their retirement years. Individuals within this age demographic often have the free time to devote as well as more expendable income. One activity that many individuals...
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Ohio: Recalled motorcycles for KTM Enduro models

Ohio residents understand the possible risks of driving a motorcycle - or any vehicle for that matter - but drivers can only do so much out on the road if a vehicle has a faulty part or isn't in proper...
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12-year-old in minibike crash out of hospital

The 12-year-old boy who crashed his minibike into a truck in New Castle has been released from Children's Hospital. The motorcycle accident caused the boy to suffer a minor concussion, but he broke no bones or suffered any other serious...
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Ohio motorcyclist involved in three-vehicle crash lives

Motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles often result in serious or fatal injuries. Drivers who hit or collide with motorcycles are often distracted and fail to keep a proper lookout for motorcycles. A recent Ohio motorcycle accident serves as a reminder...
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Motorcyclist dead after collision with Jeep

One of the basics drivers throughout the Pittsburgh area need to be aware of when they get behind the wheel is the importance of being aware of their surroundings. Watching for other vehicles and individuals riding bicycles or walking is...
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Motorcycle fatalities up while other crashes fall

When most Pittsburgh motorcyclists are told that motorcycle accidents cause a lot more injuries and deaths than car accidents do, most are not surprised. The nature of riding a motorcycle invites a bit of danger and some may say more...
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Motorcycle deaths fuel helmet debate

One of the things Pittsburgh motorcyclists enjoy most about riding their motorcycles is the sense of freedom that comes with riding down the highway without feeling encased the way one might feel inside a car or other motor vehicle. Unfortunately,...
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Changes to motorcycle helmet laws make sense

Individuals who travel on motorcycles are 30 times more likely to be killed in a motor vehicle crash than those who travel by car. This statistic, provided by the National Highway Transportation Safety Association, is a major reason why many...
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Motorcycle accident claim results in $300,000 settlement

Most motorcyclist enthusiasts acknowledge there are many dangers and risks associated with riding a motorcycle. Oftentimes motorcycle accidents result when drivers of cars and trucks are not paying attention and fail to see a motorcycle. Some motorcycle accidents, however, do...
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Union Township motorcycle accident results in injury

A motorcyclist, traveling on West State Street at Wilson Road collided with an SUV. The motorcyclist tried to stop, leaving 120 feet of skid marks, as he tried to avoid striking the vehicle. The 62-year old SUV driver told police...
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Police investigate deadly accident, urge caution for motorcyclists

There may have been a third car involved in an accident that claimed the life of a local motorcycle rider. The accident occurred on the Ohio-West Virginia border last week, and has been under investigation since then.On the 17th Street...
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