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Crash in Lawrenceville sends motorcyclist to hospital

Motorcycles undoubtedly play an important role in transporting Pittsburgh area residents from one place to another. While they are a favorite mode of transportation for many, those who opt for the mode of transport should be aware of the dangers associated with the vehicle. All too often motorcycles are involved in crashes with cars travelling on the same roads.

Earlier this month a motorcyclist was critically injured in the Lawrenceville neighborhood when the motorcyclist upon which he or she was riding, collided with a car. As is often the case in motorcycle accidents, as a result of the collision, the rider was thrown from the bike. In this case the motorcyclist struck a telephone pole. It does not appear that anyone in the car was hurt.

At this point there is no information regarding which party is to blame in the incident. Motorcyclists are often difficult for automobile drivers to see. This is particularly true in situations, such as this one, when the incident occurs in the evening or at night. There are many other reasons the crash could have occurred as well, including one or both of the motor vehicles speeding or failing to stop at a stop sign or traffic light.

An investigation into the matter will likely determine what in fact happened and whether negligence on the part of the drivers of either of the vehicles was to blame. The results of the investigation, which may include bringing in an individual to reconstruct the accident, could prompt the motorcyclist to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Source: KDKA, “Motorcycle, Car Collide In Lawrenceville,” June 5, 2013

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