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CDC confirms Utah nurse as serial hepatitis C infector

The CDC has now confirmed that the hepatitis C outbreak at McKay-Dee Hospital and Davis Medical Center & Hospital in Utah was caused by Elet Neilson, a healthcare professional who worked for Davis from June 2011 to April 2014 and at McKay-Dee from June 2014 to November 2014. The CDC says at least 7200 people have risked exposure.

This case is similar to that of "serial infector" David Kwiatkowski who traveled around the country to different hospitals, stealing pain meds and swapping out the dirty syringes with saline, then replacing them, until he was caught and arrested in 2012. Kwiatkowski is currently serving a thirty-nine year prison sentence.

The Utah case was tied back to Elet Neilson after an infected patient was tied back to her during an investigation of the outbreak. All patients in question have been sent letters that direct them to the appropriate hospital in order to be tested. To date, nearly 65% of those who have received a letter have not been tested. The deadline for free testing ends 31 January 2016.

Hepatitis C affects the liver and can kill if it isn't properly treated in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, symptoms often don't show up until months or years after the disease has been contracted. If hepatitis C is detected early enough, it is often successfully treated, but most don't realize they have the disease until they start becoming sick from it.

If you have received a letter from McKay-Dee or Davis, or you suspect that you may have been exposed and have not received a letter, please call our experienced hepatitis C medical malpractice attorneys today to protect your rights. Call us today at 800-777-4081 for a free, no obligation, preliminary case evaluation.

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