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Mom fights for son’s diagnosis

Mother's do whatever they can to keep their children healthy. For one mother, seizures that were occurring in her child prompted her to the emergency room. The child was given medication, but it wasn't effective, and her doctor didn't listen when she insisted more needed to be done. With her own doctor's failure to diagnose, she got a second opinion, and thankfully that doctor discovered what was wrong.

It is easy for Pennsylvania health care providers to write off a mother's concern as an over-reaction by someone without medical training. But even without a medical degree, intuition can be a powerful thing. The general public is armed with a good deal of medical information, and while the average person should not make a medical diagnosis on his or her own, their concerns should be taken seriously, especially when the doctor has failed to provide a satisfactory diagnosis or relief from the ailment.

But this child's doctor would not listen to his mother's voice, and refused to watch a two minute video that showed first hand exactly what the child was going through. Eventually, she moved on. She found a more accommodating physician who used the video as a tool to make the correct diagnosis and find a medication and treatment that worked.

Making the correct diagnosis for a sick child can be difficult, especially with children who are too young to communicate effectively. In these cases, it is usually the child's mother that knows him best. No doctor should write off a mother's intuition without giving it the attention it deserves. This type of behavior could ultimately lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit. It is unclear whether this was the result in this case.

Source: KTRK, "Mom's intuition credited for stopping son's misdiagnosis," Christi Myers, Jan. 25, 2013

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