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Failure to Diagnose

Failure to diagnose leaves single mom with six months to live

A single mother, feeling chest pains, visited a local hospital emergency room. Despite a chest X-ray that displayed a suspicious two centimeter nodule in the woman's right lung, the hospital doctor advised her to go home and take Motrin, failing...
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Ohio amputee wants delay in medical malpractice lawsuit

There are innumerable ways in which an individual seeking medical assistance could end up filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. For one woman, who was formerly a college student at Ohio University, the catalyst for her lawsuit was a failure to...
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Doctors who wrongly declared 8-year-old dead are sued

A hospital in one of the nation's largest cities faces a lawsuit from the parents of an 8-year old, with severe brain damage. The boy's parents allege that doctors made grave hospital errors and diagnostic mistakes in declaring the child...
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Man’s death in hospital lobby prompts lawsuit

It is of course never okay for a patient to die due to negligent actions of health care providers. There are however some situations that are more egregious than others. A failure to diagnose a condition is bad enough. What...
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ICU no guarantee of superior care

Patients assigned to the Intensive Care Unit of Pennsylvania hospitals anticipate superior care and constant attention to their medical plight. However, a Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine analysis indicates that up to 40,000 or more patients die every year...
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Case regarding HIV misdiagnosis ends in settlement

Trusting the results the clinic communicated about the test were accurate, the man spent the next four years believing he had the virus when he in fact, did not. The misdiagnosis reportedly caused the man to suffer from depression which...
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Colon cancer affecting younger individuals leading to misdiagnosis

There are many different reasons a person might end up filing a wrongful death lawsuit. One of those possibilities is a failure or delay in a diagnosis. There are a variety of scenarios that could contribute to a medical professional...
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Early breast cancer diagnosis law adopted by some states

The state legislature in a neighboring state recently passed a new bill requiring mammography reports to advise patients when they have "dense" breast tissue. This condition poses challenges to physicians to detect early stage breast cancer. A failure to diagnose...
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Misdiagnosis leads to $6.4M verdict in death of Pennsylvania man

It is always tragic when a young person dies unexpectedly leaving behind children without a parent. It is even more upsetting when that person's death could have potentially been prevented had a proper medical diagnosis been rendered. While when a...
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Death in sex romp leads to medical malpractice lawsuit

Medical malpractice lawsuits exist to provide an avenue for injured patients or their families to recoup financial damages when injuries are sustained. There are of course many things that might cause someone to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. The failure...
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Wrongful birth medical malpractice lawsuits may be restricted

For residents of some states however, the ability to file a lawsuit in situations such as these could soon be rescinded. Recently, several states have taken up legislation that, if passed, would make it impossible for those parents to sue...
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Tips for Pittsburgh patients to avoid a delayed diagnosis

There are many ways in which a health care provider such as a doctor can be negligent in his or her treatment of a patient. One of the most frustrating for those impacted is the delayed diagnosis of a disease...
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