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Distracted driving may be the cause of yet another death on our roadways

At least two people were injured and one woman died on Tuesday morning after an accident outside of Hamilton Township near Allentown.

The Monroe County commissioner said that two helicopters were called to the scene to LifeFlight the victims, but that one of them died on the way to Westfield Hospital. The accident, which happened around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning at the intersection of Armand Road and Park Avenue near the entrance to the Jefferson Cemetery, is still under investigation. One witness, however, says that they think the driver who was killed may have using a mobile phone or other electronic device while driving. The witness told police that the driver in question had not been paying attention at previous stop lights and was swerving at times before the accident occurred.  

Police on the scene told reporters that it took over 45 minutes to remove the victims from their vehicles and that although it was a horrific scene, everyone involved was alive before they were transported via helicopter.

Tragically, the woman who died was only 26-years-old. Others involved in the accident were a 34-year-old man who was also in the car with the woman who perished, and a 27-year-old woman from another vehicle.

Investigators have stated that they do not believe alcohol or drugs had anything to do with the accident; however, the woman who claimed she thought the victim who died was using a cell phone while driving was called in for further questioning. An official statement is set to be released on Monday.

If this was indeed another case of distracted driving, it is yet another tragic story about people who choose not to provide the road ahead with their full attention. As texting-while-driving accidents exponentially mount across the United States, be sure that you're not guilty of this completely avoidable offence. Remember, when your favorite ringtone is buzzing, it can wait. Waiting until the end of your car ride is no big deal…and the alternative can be disastrous.

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