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Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappe cause of Distracted Driving

If you haven’t heard of the latest Starbucks drink, the Unicorn Frappe, you might be living under a rock. All kidding aside, this pink and blue swirled, sweet and sour drink has been the talk of the nation on social media. Everyone is rushing out to get one and apparently, much to the dismay of the Starbucks baristas. One barista, Braden Burson, filmed a video of himself ranting about the difficulty of making the drink…while driving.

While it is unclear if young Mr. Burson is holding the cell phone used to film the video or if it was mounted on his dash, it is clear that he is driving distracted. At one point in the video, you can see that he doesn’t even have his hands on the wheel.  One app designed to prevent distracted driving, Text Ninja, is not only calling out the disgruntled barista but also Starbucks.

TextNinja is an app that tracks the number of miles you drive text-free and turns distraction-free driving into a game. It rewards safe driving and encourages conscious driving.  The main features of the app include silencing phone notifications while driving and an automatic reply to text messages telling your friends and family that you are driving. When you use the app correctly and drive text-free, you earn points. Compete with your friends or join a campaign to help raise awareness of distracted driving.

From dining rooms to board rooms, families and companies are using TextNinja to reward safe driving. Please download TextNinja and join us to help make our roads safer for everyone.

Full TextNinja blog post here

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