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Defective Products

Wal-Mart recalls doll that poses threat of burning children

Wal-Mart Stores, Incorporated has decided to recall nearly 175,000 defective products due to a malfunction in the toy doll that can cause it to overheat and burn children.The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission released a statement on Tuesday that the...
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Faulty bicycle brake systems are recalled due to deadly potential

Voluntary recalls from the bicycle industry's two biggest parts companies involve faulty braking systems whose owners are presented with serious hazards while out riding. The two companies, Shimano and SRAM, are recalling thousands of hydraulic caliper and disc brakes and...
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GM recall of fatal defective products reaches 1.6 million vehicles

On Tuesday morning, General Motors doubled the amount of faulty ignition switch recalls that have potentially been the cause of several fatal automobile accidents. There are now as many as 1.6 million cars affected.Two weeks ago, General Motors put out...
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Britax strollers causing injuries to children

The stroller company Britax has had to recall over 200,000 defective products. Britax decided to pull more than 200,000 strollers after numerous complaint from customers who have claimed that the folding mechanism on the device is causing children to lose...
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Success likely for Stryker victims, individual suits to follow

The predicted success of current multi-party lawsuits against Stryker Corporation, the manufacturer of the hip replacement devices Rejuvenate and ABG II, is good news to many people who will be looking to file individual suits in the near future.This news...
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Harmful side effects, deaths linked to da Vinci Surgical System

Recent reports show that the da Vinci Surgical System has been cited in a growing number of claims against the machine's manufacturer, Intuitive Surgical.Used throughout the world in millions of surgeries since it was introduced to the market in 2000,...
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J&J offers hip replacement settlement program, medical experts disagree with amount

Just a year ago, in November 2012, officials reported preliminary details of settlements agreed upon for defective DePuy hip replacements. DePuy's mother company, Johnson & Johnson, all but admitted to negligent manufacturing of two of its hip replacement devices: the...
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Medtronic recalls Guidewires, patients suffer from blood vessel blockage

Health officials from the federal government have reported that defective surgical devices manufactured by Medtronic are causing severe problems in patients who are implanted with the devices. The problems can be so detrimental that patients with the implantations are at...
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Defective surgical alignment tool the cause of injury

Recent claims against Stryker Orthopaedics, for its ShapeMatch Cutting Guide, suggest that the medical manufacturing subsidiary may be guilty of negligence and providing the public with a defective surgical device. The ShapeMatch Cutting Guide was recalled in April of 2013...
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Dangerous drugs and defective surgical devices are an interchangeable mess

Pharmaceutical companies used to settle dangerous drug claims against their illegal marketing and advertising practices by paying a fraction of their profits and releasing the news on a Friday or Saturday evening when hardly anyone noticed. Today, since almost all...
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Boston Scientific called to pay $30 million for negligence over defective pacemakers

In mid-October, it was reported that Boston Scientific has agreed to pay the federal government in excess of $30 million in an attempt to resolve accusations that the medical manufacturing conglomerate sold defective surgical devices. The defective products were implanted...
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Recent rash of home explosions call for greater safety implications

A home explosion happened just hours from Pennsylvania in Danville, Virginia on Tuesday evening and whether or not it was caused by a defective insecticide is still yet to be determined. As the tri-state region has already been affected by...
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