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Defective Products

Ohio congressman injured in tractor accident

Tractor accidents in our region take place at a somewhat alarming rate. Because agriculture is still a major endeavor in western PA and eastern Ohio, it's no wonder these accidents take place more frequently than not, but that doesn't mean...
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Ohio bus driver saves a life, loses her own

On Tuesday morning in Ohio, an act of heroism played out and one very brave woman risked and lost her life to save another. As a school bus's brakes gave way during a safety training exercise, a child stood directly...
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Graco recalls defective products

Manufacturer's that design defective products need to be held accountable. When those defective products involve our children, many questions must be asked. It can be particularly baffling when a company is accused of producing a defective product, but does nothing...
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GM defective products and recalls back in the news

GM is recalling more than half a million Chevrolet Camaros due to defective products. The component in question this time? You guessed it - a faulty ignition switch. Late last week, General Motor announced it would be recalling 511,508 of...
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GM talks defective products, starts voluntary payout program

Defective products made by the car conglomerate General Motors have been linked to at least thirteen deaths and countless injuries. Now, GM says it has a plan for paying back the victims and victims' families for the accidents caused by...
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Defective products: defective drug Actos $9 billion settlement

Defective products and dangerous drugs attorneys have been busy with litigation over the Takeda Pharmaceuticals Co. and Eli & Lilly Co. diabetes drug Actos has recently taken a significant turn for the worse. After a federal judge ruled the drug company...
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General Motors begins defective products negotiations

A General Motors mediator has started negotiations with vehicle owners concerning the ignition switches that were found to be the cause of several hundred accidents and deaths. The GM spokesperson began talks over the defective products with a Texas attorney...
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More defective products from General Motors

The car industry has seen its fair share of defective products recalled over recent months. Even the German luxury brand, BMW, has had to recall some its cars and SUVs due to engine failure. Now, in addition to General Motors'...
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BMW warns of engine failure, recalls cars and SUVs

BMW, otherwise known as Bavarian Motor Works, is a Germain luxury automaker that specializes in automobiles, motorcycles, and engine manufacturing. BMW owns and builds vehicles and parts for other car brands as well, such as Mini Cooper and Rolls Royce....
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Infant monitoring device batteries and leaf blowers among latest recalls

There are many types of product liability claims, including design defects and manufacturing defects, as well as failure to warn consumers of the potential dangers of a product. Common product liability claims often include negligent design, negligent manufacturing of a...
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Chrysler to recall nearly 900,000 vehicles

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, United States will be recalling upwards to 900,000 SUVs due to the possibility of failing brake systems in cold weather.Chrysler initially did not admit that their brake lines were corroding, but after an inquiry from the National...
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GM knew of fatal defects, continued marketing Cobalt and others

New information has shed more light on General Motors Company's defective ignition switches that have caused at least twelve deaths (some reports say as many as nineteen deaths) and what could be hundreds of injuries. In a recent uncovering, it...
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