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Infant monitoring device batteries and leaf blowers among latest recalls

There are many types of product liability claims, including design defects and manufacturing defects, as well as failure to warn consumers of the potential dangers of a product. Common product liability claims often include negligent design, negligent manufacturing of a product, liability for products, failure to uphold a warranty claim, in addition to other consumer protection claims. Laws against product liability can differ from state to state and each product liability claim generally requires deniable, cataclysmic proof in order to move forward with a successful case. When the Safety Commission announces a broad recall of a company's product, chances are that anyone who has been injured by said product will have a successful claim against the product manufacturer, its subsidiaries, and/or its conglomerate.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC) has announced that they are recalling an estimated 800,000 rechargeable batteries that are used in cameras for infant monitoring. The announcement was made earlier this week when the USCPSC said that the rechargeable batteries in the Summer Infant Video Monitor were faulty and could cause damages. 

The batteries in question are equipped in a handheld video system and the USCPSC says that they can overheat, causing potential burn hazards to consumers and their children.

The Safety Commission is warning consumers to remove the battery and contact Summer Infant for a replacement. The monitors are popularly sold at places like Medix Wholesalers and Toy R Us. Summer Infant is telling consumers they can still use the monitors without the battery by plugging in the A-C power cord into an outlet.

In addition to the Infant Summer Video Monitor, there have also been more 134,000 Troy-Bilt electric-powered leaf blowers that are also being recalled. The leaf blowers are manufactured by M-T-D. The USCPSC says that the leaf blower's impeller, otherwise known as a rotor that is used to increase and decrease power, can possibly break and kick back, hitting the operator of the machine in the process and potentially causing severe lacerations.

Thus far, M-T-D has received at least seventeen different reports of incidents involving the malfunction wherein operators of the machine has suffered cuts, bleeding, and bruises as a result of the defect.

M-T-D issued a statement telling consumers that they can return the leaf blowers to Lowe's Home Improvement stores if that's where it was purchased and, if the leaf blower was purchased online, they should log on to and click the "recalls" button for further information on what to do. 

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