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General Motors faulty ignition switch deaths on the rise

The amount of deaths caused by General Motors' defective ignition switches has now more than doubled from the number GM said it was responsible for just a few weeks ago. A new report shows that the "compensation expert" that GM hired has now granted eligibility for at least twenty-seven claims from families who argue they've lost a loved one because of the defective devices.

Before hiring the compensation expert, a man who was also hired after the 9/11 attacks and other disasters, General Motors believed they were only responsible for no more than thirteen deaths. In addition to the at least twenty-seven deaths for which GM is taking responsibility, there are hundreds of injury claims pending, including accidents where victims are suffering from quadriplegia, paraplegia, traumatic brain injuries, double amputations, and severe burns that are being dealt with now; but that's only scratching the surface.

In total, there have been 1371 claims thus far and 178 of those claims involve a death. The rest of the claims must be submitted by the end of the year and no timetable has been announced for payouts.

The compensation program, titled "The General Motors Ignition Compensation Claims Resolution Facility," was begun in an effort to compensate victims and families who were injured or lost a loved one due to the failing ignition switches.

According to GM, eligible applicants must have been a driver, passenger, pedestrian, or driver/occupant of another vehicle involved in an accident that resulted in injury or death as a result of the faulty ignition switches.

The following vehicles were originally manufactured with the defect and no service part was made to fix the problem

Chevrolet Cobalt (Model Years 2005-2007)

Chevrolet HHR (Model Years 2006-2007)

Daewoo G2X (Model Year 2007)

Opel/Vauxhall GT (Model Year 2007)

Pontiac G4 (Model Years 2005-2006)

Pontiac G5 (Model Year 2007)

Pontiac Pursuit (Model Years 2005-2006)

Pontiac Solstice (Model Years 2006-2007)

Saturn Ion (Model Years 2003-2007)

Saturn Sky (Model Year 2007)

The following vehicles were manufactured with faulty ignition switches, but part number 10392423 was made to replace the switches; however, accidents still occurred after the replacement was installed.

Chevrolet Cobalt (Model Years 2008-2010)

Chevrolet HHR (Model Years 2008-2011)

Daewoo G2X (Model Years 2008-2009)

Opel/Vauxhall GT (Model Years 2008-2010)

Pontiac G5 (Model Years 2008-2010)

Pontiac Solstice (Model Years 2008-2010)

Saturn Sky (Model Years 2008-2010)

To date, General Motors has recalled more than 2.6 million vehicles as a result of the faulty ignition switches.

Source: WFMJ, "GM ignition related deaths rise to 27" 13 October 2014

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