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Birth Injuries

Can technology applied to figure skating help with birth injury?

For most parents throughout the Pittsburgh area the day their child enters the world is one of the best of their lives. When that child suffers a birth injury however, the joy of welcoming the newborn can be mixed with...
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Is there a tie between gestation and birth injuries?

While it is undeniable that any medical negligence is tragic, all would likely agree that it is even worse when it is tied to the birth of a child. While there are of course times when a poor outcome in...
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Antidepressants and pregnancy a bad mix?

Treatment for pregnant women battling bouts of depression is, once again, sparking contentious debate. A new survey has ignited this long-simmering question, which is again raging, surrounding the best treatment plan. The study indicates that pregnant women taking selective serotonin...
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Jury verdict of $21M to parents of child with cerebral palsy

For most Pennsylvania parents the day a child is born is one of the most memorable of their lives. After nine long months of pregnancy, the anticipation of getting to meet one's child makes the whole thing worthwhile. For parents...
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Birth injury lawsuit settles for $3.75M

All medical malpractice lawsuits are upsetting. Those involving birth injuries that leave newborns with irreparable harm are heartbreaking. Though few Pennsylvania residents likely want to think about them happening, the reality is that they do. While there is nothing that...
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Pennsylvania jury awards $78.5M for birth injuries

Last week we wrote a post about an Erie couple who filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after their child sustained a permanent arm injury because of shoulder dystocia allegedly due to steps that were taken during the course of the...
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$73K in sanctions stemming from birth injury lawsuit upheld

There are of course many different injuries that if sustained by a patient, can lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit. Perhaps the most tragic of those is an injury to a baby that occurs as it is being born. Known...
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Pennsylvania doctor’s appeal of med mal verdict denied

Any time a resident of Pennsylvania sustains an injury at the hands of a medical professional it is tragic. We all place our trust in them to make the right decisions so that we are kept free from harm. The...
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Common injuries that occur at birth may be prevented

All injuries or deaths due to medical malpractice are sad. Most would agree however that those that happen to children and babies are especially tragic. This is because they are supposed to have so many years of productive life in...
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