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Who are insurance claim adjusters?

Insurance claim adjusters are agents of insurance companies who often evaluate and process insurance claims. Adjusters are charged with the duty of inspecting damaged properties and analyzing the level of damage, interviewing claimants and witnesses, and perusing police reports. They are sometimes known as claims specialists, claims representatives or claims analysts. You must understand who these adjusters are, how they can be approached, and the best ways to ensure that they act to your advantage during negotiations.


After filing an insurance claim against a negligent driver, the next stage which is for negotiations is often handled by an insurance claims adjuster, on behalf of the liability insurance company of the negligent driver.

At this juncture, you’d need the perfect negotiating strategy to ensure that you’re compensated adequately. To succeed in this Negotiation stage, it’s greatly advised that you hire an Attorney who has excellent negotiating tactics to get you a good deal.

Here are a few tips you must bear in mind while negotiating with an insurance claim adjuster;

  1. Identify the Insurance Claims adjuster: The first thing you must do at the negotiation stage is to get the name, business address, and contact details of the insurance claims adjuster. Importantly, you must also get the details of the insurance carrier they’re representing and that of the policyholder.
  1. You must be polite during the session: Regardless of the frustrations and ill feelings that come with accidents, you should ensure that you’re calm throughout the session. Avoid every form of aggression while discussing with the insurance adjuster.
  1. You must give only your basic personal information: Aside from your full name, contact details, kind of job, and address of the place you work, it’s not necessary to give out other personal details about you.
  1. Do not give full details of the accident and the injuries sustained: You must ensure that you give only basic details of the accident such as; the date and time it happened, the location, the persons involved, and the witnesses (if any). In addition, you should also avoid giving details of the injuries, as you may not know the full extent of your injuries at the time of negotiations.
  1. You must understand the value of your insurance claim: Since the value of your claim is the major reason for filing the insurance claim in the first place, you must understand it perfectly even without giving full details of it during negotiations. The claim value is usually made up of the severity of the injury suffered as a result of the accident, duration of recovery, cost of medical care after the accident and future medical bills if applicable, degree of pain suffered, lost wages, and every other damage caused by the accident.
  1. Do not accept early settlement offers: The value of your insurance claim may be higher than you think. Therefore, it’s not wise to accept any initial settlement offers until you discover the full extent of your losses.
  1. You must ask tactical questions only: Public opinion has it that a lot of insurance claim adjusters are bent on helping insurance companies save money. Therefore, you must be strategic with your questions, in order to move the insurance claims adjuster to make a better offer.

The negotiation stage with the insurance claims adjuster is crucial to your insurance claim, and you’re advised to get an experienced car accident attorney to walk you through this stage. Since the end goal is to get adequate compensation for your losses, you must strategically approach the insurance claims adjuster with the help of your Attorney.

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