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Can you work part-time and collect workers’ compensation?

It is a common myth that you can either receive workers' compensation or your wage but not both. That is not true. Workers? compensation can and does replace wages, but it isn't only limited to that role. This post will go over workers' compensation and how you may receive it even while you are working part-time.

Workers' compensation fulfills two purposes: to pay your medical bills and to replace any wages you lost due to your injury. Many workers suffer injuries but can keep working, either at a reduced capacity or in a different position.

Workers who are unable to earn their prior wage but can continue working with their injury can file a claim for wage replacement. Wage replacement means that you receive workers' compensation for the wages that you lost due to your injury, including if you work part-time.

The rules vary from state to state but, in general, you can receive partial compensation if you work part-time. Some states will limit the amount you can receive based on your part-time income and others will permit you to recover up to your lost wages. A lawyer can go over the specifics for your situation.

If you were injured on the job, you might want to speak with an attorney. You may want to call a lawyer even if you have already filed your claim. A lawyer can help you appeal your worker?s compensation claim in case it was denied. You don't want to waste any time for your compensation, the longer you go without your benefits, the harder the reduced income is on your family.

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