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Football and its connection to brain injuries

While the majority of the media's focus has been on brain injuries for professional football players, a growing body of research indicates that the majority of brain injuries related to football occur in middle and high school. A recent study by the Brain Injury Research Institute found that 20 percent of U.S. high school football players have suffered a brain injury at some point during the season. These are extraordinarily high numbers.

High school players are uniquely susceptible to the dangers of brain injuries for a few reasons. First, their bodies have not fully developed therefore the force of the impacts can cause significantly more damage. Second, high schools lack many of the same medical facilities and staff that college and professionals enjoy therefore they often do receive adequate treatment. Third, and finally, the culture of high school teams means that many players downplay the extent of their injuries because they feel a sense of camaraderie and do not want to let their teammates down.

To combat these growing trends (and recognizing that football is an American institution and will not be banned), many organizations are pushing for safer equipment and greater awareness of the dangers. The goal is to reduce and mitigate the rate of brain injuries while allowing football to continue to be played.

Brain injuries can occur in various activities, including football. If you suffer a head injury, it is critical that you seek medical attention. An attorney can help you get the compensation you will need to pay for your medical bills and future medical care. You don't need to go through this alone; a lawyer can help.

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