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Diabetes can complicate a workers’ compensation claim

Recovery from a work injury is rarely simple. But for those workers who also have diabetes, it can prove particularly complicated. For injured workers with diabetes struggling to recover, effectively managing diabetes may be a key component of a successful recovery.

That’s because diabetes can interfere with the healing process in several ways. Persistently elevated blood sugar levels can encourage infection, prolong the healing process and extend recovery times. Some workers may not even know that they have diabetes at the time they become injured.

In order to help workers achieve the most efficient recovery possible and control the medical costs of recovery, screening for and prompt management of diabetes may become a crucial part of the workers’ compensation claims process.

Although the aim of such screening and management would purportedly help workers recover faster while holding down costs, this increased scrutiny on diabetes could also make the claims process more difficult for diabetics or pre-diabetics. With so many people in the United States already suffering from those conditions, the new focus on the disease could have far-ranging consequences for the workers’ compensation system.

If you have been injured at work — particularly if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes — it is important to speak with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can explain the process to you and help guide you through the necessary steps to file a successful claim. Your health is important, and the workers’ compensation system may present the best opportunity you have to access the resources you need to recover.

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