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Pennsylvania trucker facing charges in fatal big rig crash

Prosecutors say a Pennsylvania trucker “should never have been on the road” when he caused a crash that left a married father of four dead. The trucker's driver's license had been suspended and then he failed to properly connect a trailer to his big rig.

As he was driving around a curve, the trailer detached from his 18-wheeler and slammed head-on into another tractor-trailer, killing the 40-year-old driver.


The April 27 Montgomery County tragedy left four children without a father and a wife without her husband. Their grief must be immense.

The driver accused of causing the fatal truck accident was originally licensed in New York. When his license there was to be suspended for his failure to respond to a citation, he applied for a replacement license in Pennsylvania — apparently successfully because he lied on the license application.

Prosecutors say he later failed to secure the trailer properly and to inspect the truck and that at the time of the crash, he was driving too fast for conditions. According to a news report, the accumulation of events compelled them to file a homicide by vehicle charge against him, among a number of other serious allegations.

Even if he is found guilty of all charges, the grieving dead man's family will be left facing a difficult financial situation. In similar circumstances, the family has no way to replace the lost income and benefits the wage-earner supplied.

In those situations, families can lean on the knowledge and experience of a Pennsylvania truck accidents attorney; someone who knows how to negotiate with insurers to maximize compensation for massive damages done.

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