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Duty to notify and the time limits of a workers’ comp claim

On Monday, we discussed a recent workplace accident in Pennsylvania. A worker suffered a serious injury after being hit by a falling object. When an accident like this occurs, what steps do you need to take to make sure you have the best chance at obtaining workers' compensation?

While the process for seeking workers' compensation claim has many steps, completing the first one in a timely manner is crucial to protecting your right to receive compensation.

Every worker who wants to seek compensation for a workplace injury must adhere to Pennsylvania's duty to notify rules. Under these rules, a worker must notify his or her employer within 120 days of the accident that he or she is planning to file a workers' compensation claim. A proper notification should be done in writing and given to your HR or personnel department to ensure there is no misunderstanding or miscommunication about your intentions.

Failing to notify your employer within this timeline can make it difficult — but not necessarily impossible — to seek the compensation you are owed. Whether you are still within the 120 time limit or have passed it without notifying your employer, we can help assess your options. 

We have 25 years of experience guiding workers in Pennsylvania and Ohio through the workers' compensation claims and appeals processes. We can help you seek the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. To learn more about the timelines involved in seeking a workers' comp claim, visit the Duty to Notify page of our website.

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