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Tracy Morgan struggling to recover from TBI

The truck accident that seriously injured comedian Tracy Morgan several months ago is likely still fresh in many people’s mind. In addition to inflicting serious injuries upon Morgan and several others in the vehicle, the crash also resulted in the death of one man.

Following the incident Morgan was hospitalized for several weeks. During that time his body healed from the injuries he suffered including broken bones such as:

  • A leg.
  • Nose.
  • Ribs.

He also suffered a brain injury in the crash.

While Morgan has come a long way since then and many of the physical injuries have healed, he appears to have lingering symptoms of the traumatic brain injury he suffered. This is not uncommon as symptoms can linger for months and even years. Sometimes the person who suffers the TBI never fully recovers and his or her life is dramatically changed forever. Morgan says that he is working on getting better.

As is often the case when someone is seriously injured in a truck accident, Morgan has filed a lawsuit against the company that owns the truck that hit the vehicle he was in. In it he alleged negligence and recklessness. The company, Walmart, responded by claiming the comedian should have been wearing a seat belt. The driver of the truck—who was not named as a defendant in the case—allegedly was travelling 20 mph above the speed limit when the crash occurred. In addition, it is believed that at the time of the incident he had not slept for over 24 hours.

How this particular case will be resolved remains to be seen. It should serve as a reminder to anyone who is hurt in a crash that they may be able to pursue legal action as well.

Source: ABC News, “Tracy Morgan Says He's 'Fighting Every Day'” Dec. 4, 2014

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