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Falls are the biggest cause of TBI, elderly most often affected

Most people are aware of how devastating a traumatic brain injury can be for the person who experiences it as well as his or her family. These injuries can occur as a result of many different situations. One of the first things that likely comes to mind when one hears that someone has suffered a TBI is that it occurred in a motor vehicle accident. While this is a way that TBIs are inflicted, many may be surprised to learn that it is not the most common way in which this happens–falls are. They account for more than 35 percent of these injuries that occur throughout the nation each year.

Dealing with TBIs is made that much more difficult because of their very nature. The symptoms are not always obvious and there are no visual signs. Sometimes they take several weeks to develop. Nonetheless they can seriously impact that person’s life for years or even the rest of their life through things such as memory loss, balance issues and sometimes even changes to their personalities. All of these changes can be difficult to deal with.

The demographic who is most likely to be impacted by a fall induced TBI is the elderly. Of those who suffer TBIs in falls, individuals age 65 or older account for 61 percent of the injuries. Further, those who are 75-years-old or older things become even more dangerous. In addition to recovering more slowly than younger individuals, they also are more likely to spend time in the hospital related to this type of injury and even to die as a result of it.

There are many situations in which a TBI might be due to another person’s negligence. Whether it is due to a fall or a car accident, a personal injury lawsuit may be an option.

Source:, “Senior Citizens at High Risk of Traumatic Brain Injuries from Falls," Oct. 29, 2013

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