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Teen driver tries to save pedestrian after accident

The route a Western Pennsylvania man regularly took on his walk each day became the place of his death earlier this month. He was killed when a car hit him as he was out for his morning walk. The fatal accident occurred on Howes Run Road.

According to authorities, the driver of the vehicle that struck the pedestrian was a teen driver. Following the crash he reportedly performed CPR after first contacting emergency services. The young man was apparently quite upset by incident and was treated at an area hospital.

Though not yet entirely clear, it appears that the accident may have appeared after the pedestrian moved from the side of the road into the lane in which the teen was driving. At this point it is unclear whether the teen engaged in any behavior that could be construed as negligent.

In many cases where cars and pedestrians collide, the driver of the vehicle fails to see the much smaller person who is walking. Other times however, the individual driving the car is engaged in an activity that distracts the driver from the road. Such activities commonly include: reaching for something that has dropped, interacting with others in the car or using a cellphone to talk or text with someone else. The latter two are particularly common activities for teen drivers.

An investigation into the incident is being conducted. If there is anything that would constitute negligence on the part of the driver, it is likely that it will be uncovered.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Pedestrian killed in Fawn crash identified," Molly Born, June 11, 2013

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